Ruth Root at Maureen Paley

January 30th, 2009

Artist: Ruth Root

Venue: Maureen Paley, London

Date: January 15 – February 22, 2009

Full gallery of images, press release and link available after the jump. Note: the press release for this show is definitely worth looking at, and we’ve made it available for download.


Images courtesy Maureen Paley, London

Press Release:

Click here to download a .pdf file of the press release.

Link: Ruth Root at Maureen Paley

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4 Responses to “Ruth Root at Maureen Paley”

  1. kingmu Says:

    i actually like this… which is different to most work i see here.

  2. kingmu Says:

    To give you reference… for a few years now, I have begun to wonder about the concept of societal art. Everyone I know, now, seems to be an artist. There are thousands of ‘art schools’ around the work, each one of them pumping out ‘artists’ each year. And, what do all of these so-called artists DO? What is their purpose? How new is their work… how original? On top of that, each of these artists have a website. There seems to be no limits… and no real discipline any longer. These new artists are empowered by the technique and the digital age. They consider themselves valid because they exist. They paid their tuition (their parents, most likely), so now they are artists. I’m concerned by the number of art schools and the multiplied artists these schools ‘produce.’ Do we really need all of this art? I have had months pass—as I explore artist and art websites—without ever seeing the same artist twice. Months of looking! So, you have to understand that I have become rather numb with the whole situation. Art, art, art, art, ART! Everything and anything is now considered art, so long as an ‘artist’ states that it is so. It saddened me. I depresses me. It bores me. So, once in a while, I would just like to see a wonderful, rough, talented, elegant, honest drawn charcoal sketch of a human being… rather than three bricks stacked upon one another… or, a sliced up cow… or, a pile of fat in a corner… or, colors smudged on a canvas. I would like to, someday, just look at something created by a human being which allows me to learn a bit more about myself and the world in which I live. I don’t intend to suggest that new ideas should not be intended. I would just like to refer to something that touches my life rather than makes me wonder why I’m here at all.

  3. kingmu Says:

    My apologies for the few errors in the previous dissertation. I wrote it out of frustration and hadn’t bothered to check myself before I sent it off. I hope there is enough there so you understand what I’m trying to express. All I’m saying is that I wish to, one day, LOVE art again.

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