Whitney Biennial: Pae White

March 26th, 2010

Artist: Pae White

Location: 3rd Floor, Whitney Biennial 2010

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Los Angeles-based Pae White’s single work in the Biennial, Untitled, Still, 2010, is a massive cotton tapestry depicting white smoke.  The interpretation in an explanatory paragraph draws a simple contrast between the airy white smoke and the rigid weave of the tapestry, a spectrum of material with raw cotton approximately at its center.

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3 Responses to “Whitney Biennial: Pae White”

  1. Luca Rossi Says:

    Good choice to focus one work only.

  2. Nancy Carter Says:

    Is it art or craft? If it is a machine woven, computer generated weave pattern taken from a photograph, does that make it less art than if it was hand woven like a traditional tapestry?

    It looks like it was made to order. Does that matter?

    Are tapestries becoming chic again? Is that why it was included in the exhibit? It is interesting that the two big pieces that greet visitors on different floors descending from the elevator are two big tapestries. One is rough and hand-made, the other refined and machine made.

  3. alexander loge Says:


    I am a french designer from Paris
    I sell my work in New york and just wanted to say something to the artist Pae White :
    If she is in a lake of inspiration, i can send her some pictures of my work…..She makes lighthing in plaster as i do for years now, with exactly the same design! So creative!


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