December 25th, 2011

Week in Review: December 25, 2011

Welcome to Week in Review, our Sunday round-up of the last 7 days of activity here at Contemporary Art Daily. Please subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Tumblr, and become a fan on Facebook.

This week’s featured exhibitions:

Imi Knoebel at Naecht St. Stephan

Paul Lee at Modern Art

Louise Lawler at Sprueth Magers

Becky Beasley at Francesca Minini

Group Show at Mathew

Cedric Eisenring at New Jerseyy

Eileen Quinlan at Overduin and Kite

Be sure to e-mail us with any tips, observations or complaints and comment on the shows you feel strongly about. If your company is interested in sponsoring the site, please visit our sponsorship page. Have an excellent week.

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