February 1st, 2012

Contemporary Art Group

Greetings from those of us at Contemporary Art Daily!

We are happy to announce that we have become a non-profit organization called Contemporary Art Group.

We’ve grown steadily since 2008, publishing more than 1,300 exhibitions and being viewed millions of times by over 750,000 people from 191 countries during those three years. We’ve added Contemporary Art Venues, our directory of international exhibition spaces, and covered major international art events.

The decision to found a non-profit organization around this work reflects the motives behind the projects as well as our sense of the best way to continue to expand. Without the ability to fund-raise, new projects like Contemporary Art Quarterly wouldn’t be possible.

We will rely on our readership for support. If Contemporary Art Daily has become a useful source of information, ideas or inspiration for you, please consider making a donation. Be sure to check out the gifts we have for supporters, including a CAD tote bag, a subscription to the great Texte zur Kunst, and even some of our favorite art books. Learn more and donate here.

Galleries and other exhibition venues can also support our work (and be promoted to our audience) by sponsoring their listings on Contemporary Art Venues. For more information, please contact Rowley.

Please visit our new website for more information, and be sure to check Office Notebook, our new blog, for regular updates.

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