December 4th, 2012

Michael Queenland at Santa Monica Museum of Art

Artist: Michael Queenland

Venue: Santa Monica Museum of Art

Exhibition Title: Rudy’s Ramp of Remainders

Curated by: Jeffrey Uslip

Date: September 15 – December 22, 2012

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Images courtesy of Santa Monica Museum of Art. Photos by Monica Orozco.

Press Release:

Rudy’s Ramp of Remainders is a new sculptural installation by conceptual artist Michael Queenland. Rudy’s Ramp of Remainders was inspired by Rudis Resterampe—which roughly translates to “Rudy’s Pile of Leftovers”—a German discount store filled with surplus scraps of textile and discarded cultural items that Queenland discovered during his 2009 fellowship at the American Academy in Berlin. Queenland’s installation transforms various materials into “ramps”—loosely grouped remainders and offcuts of objects. These “ramps” reveal how commonplace material and cultural items are reshaped and redefined through Queenland’s artistic intervention.

Organized by SMMoA’s newly appointed curator-at-large Jeffrey Uslip, Rudy’s Ramp of Remainders takes the form of a surplus environment where Queenland’s sculptural assemblages serve as cultural inventory. Layers of newspapers, folded open and vertically stacked, cover the floor of the exhibition space and serve as the ground on which the new sculptural forms are installed. Plasticized balloons, found objects, industrial bread racks, metal pipes, and perishable goods—that exemplify Queenland’s signature visual vocabulary—are arranged on top of the newspaper. Rudy’s Ramp of Remainders continues Queenland’s examination of cultural, communal, and biographical forms that are at once dislocated from their original context and repositioned in the collective imaginary. A printed interview between Queenland and Uslip will accompany the exhibition.

Link: Michael Queenland at Santa Monica Museum of Art

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