Lars TCF Holdhus, Yngve Holen at No5A

May 31st, 2013

Artists: Lars TCF Holdhus, Yngve Holen

Venue: No5A, New York

Exhibition Title: ___340&CANNOT&DINNER&782___

Date: May 8 – June 8, 2013

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Images courtesy of No5A, New York

Link: Lars TCF Holdhus, Yngve Holen at No5A

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One Response to “Lars TCF Holdhus, Yngve Holen at No5A”

  1. Prilarev Says:

    The show wears its symbolism on sleeve.
    The negation of the shoe, of flight, of fleeing, locked by invisible threads of precarious digital enumeration to advertising’s liquid gloss, to identity reduced to ID, illustrated machinations of the cold reified remove we find ourselves under digital capitalism: VISA, cut mainframes, digital vinyl text crumpled – preemptively euthanized before reality’s slow oxidation of death. Marble made flesh, shed as scales, person as image. Make a foppish squiggle against informations endless permutability, defeated.
    This show is like totally sad.

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