August 7th, 2018

Torey Thornton at Jeffrey Stark


Artist: Torey Thornton

Venue: Jeffrey Stark, New York

Exhibition Title: Sir Veil’s Faux Outing

Date: June 24 – September 9, 2018

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INSTALL 02 option3


Torey Thornton, excerpt of Grace/Graze(d)/Grief Complementary , 2011-2018, Digital video, filmed on a Panasonic AG-HPX170 with Century Optics Xtreme fish eye, Flip UltraHD, and various iPhones, 11 minutes 8 seconds looped; Music by Gaul Plus

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Images and video courtesy of Jeffrey Stark, New York

Press Release:


*Ground (noun)

1. the solid surface of the earth.

2. a plain surface to which decoration is applied.

Side thought: Are bodies decoration?

Good decoration, in reference to the quality of your look, or the clothes curated on your body. Good decoration in relation to how “nice” your skin looks on your figure.


*Gina X Performance – Video Dragueur (my unofficial lyric transcription)

You don’t need to look any longer
Into a lake or a well
To get your own mirror image
Now you’ve got the video
Your part with your reflection
Like in a hall of mirrors
The videos are looking glasses
You can be your own voyeur

No more echo in narciss
A tele screen showing how it is

Video voyeur
Video dragueur
Video voyeur

No waiting wherever you are
The videos are watching you
Super vision and in the super market
One way street communication
Omnipresent like a hawk
As in Kiruna and in New York
You are watched but you can’t watch
You are an actor and they are voyeurs

You can’t do your private program
Documentation not for fun

Video voyeur
Video dragueur
Video voyeur

Video voyeur
Video dragueur
Video voyeur
Video voyeur
(lower muffled overlapped unintelligible talking)

Video for art
Art for arts sake
Make yourself a living sculpture
You can capture a found inspiration
Within a small video instillation

(I don’t understand this part) its Been the first one
Do’s And for tv
All the actions in front of the camera
With the audience sitting in the lens

You are watched and you can watch
Your an actor and a spectator

Video voyeur
Video (I don’t understand word)
Video dragueur
Video voyeur
Video dragueur
Video voyeur
Video (I don’t understand word)
Video dragueur
Video voyeur
Video dragueur
Video voyeur
Video voyeur
Video voyeur
Video dragueur
Video voyeur


*’By analysing passages in the Bible, many believe they have been able to pinpoint the world will end – and that is June 24, 2018.

Christian conspiracy theorist Mathieu Jean-Marc Joseph Rodrigue examines a passage in the Book of Revelations which reads: “And a mouth was given to [the Beast], speaking great things and blasphemy, and it was given authority to act forty and two months.”

Mr Rodrigue then performs a series of complex calculations and when combining 666 with the number 42, concluding with the date June 24.

However, the conspiracy theorist was unable to detail how he reached this figure or how exactly the world will end.₁


₁. Martin, Sean. “End of the WORLD: June 24 the ‘Beginning of the APOCALYPSE’.”,, 18 Apr. 2018,

Link: Torey Thornton at Jeffrey Stark

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