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September 4th, 2018

EXPO CHICAGO | September 27–30, 2018

Now entering its seventh edition, EXPO CHICAGO presents artwork from over 3,000 artists from 135 leading galleries representing 27 countries and 63 cities. Programming highlights include the third annual /Dialogues Symposium, entitled Present Histories: Art & Design in Chicago, IN/SITU, featuring large-scale, suspended sculptures curated by Pablo León de la Barra (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Curator at Large, Latin America), EXPO VIDEO, installed in dedicated screening rooms curated by Anna Gritz (Curator, KW Institute Berlin), and Creative Chicago: An Interview Marathon featuring Hans Ulrich Obrist, presented by the Chicago Humanities Festival in partnership with EXPO CHICAGO and Art Design Chicago, an initiative of the Terra Foundation.

EXPO CHICAGO welcomes you to experience the best in contemporary art.
More information can be found at expochicago.com
@expochicago | #expochicago

July 3rd, 2018

Art Record

Art Record is an affordable tool artists can use to manage their practices. Keep track of and easily share everything: works, projects, exhibitions, press, and publications. You can even use it to track sales. Generate instant PDFs, private sharing links, and store all of your media in one elegantly designed place.
I’ve served as an advisor to Art Record since its inception, and I truly believe it will make life easier for anyone who uses it.
Visit art-record.com to learn more, and try it free for 2 months with the code “DAILY” at sign up.
They’re working on a version of Art Record for galleries too—if you’re interested, contact office@art-record.com.
June 5th, 2018

Master de Cherbourg

The «Master de Cherbourg» is a new production, creation, exchange and experimentation structure which will open its doors in September 2018. The «Master de Cherbourg» is thinking way beyond just a school program but as a research group ruled by students, teachers, artists, curators, researchers, local people, farmers, poets, etc., questioning the important issues of our time, the idea of production and more generally some ideas about « making, doing. » « What are we gonna do? » and « What are we doing now? » These are the questions of our shared work.

In the spirit of co-construction, the «Master de Cherbourg» is engaged in: open field history, odd philosophy, metal, psychoanalysis, spray paint, mental sociology, wood and hood, parallel economy, natural wine, motocross, ocean, gardening, countrying, whatevering. A cosmic city and a moving landscape. Everything will be engaged regarding the participant’s proposal in a large scale narrative where the obsolescence of the conflicts of work vs document or information vs fiction will be a profound dynamic of our work.

Participants are provided with a working studio, a technical workshop and housing accommodations.

Application deadline: June 15th

The «Master de Cherbourg» is organized with the support of :

Point du jour, art center and publisher, Cherbourg
La brèche, scène nationale dedicated to the contemporary circus, Cherbourg
Trident, theaters of Cherbourg
La Cherche, artists studio, Cherbourg
Le ballon rouge, pub, poetry, exhibition, Cherbourg
Comédie de Caen, national theater, Caen
Confort Moderne, art center, artist residence, restaurant, club and concert hall, Poitiers
Misssouri, edition and productions, Brussels