We welcome submissions of exhibitions for consideration following the guidelines below. Due to the high volume of submissions, we can’t reply to every message and are only able to consider submissions that adhere to the following standards.

We appreciate non-expiring file transfers so that we can have hi res images on hand. If using Dropbox, please use share a link rather than inviting us to join the folder. Alternatively, you can send a link to the venue’s website containing documentation of the exhibition. Documentation should, at the very least, contain installation views and images of individual works in the show.

Only submit exhibitions currently on view.

Please include:

• JPG images at the highest resolution available
• MP4, MOV, or Vimeo links if the exhibition contains moving image work
• Press release or exhibition text (PDF).
• Checklist, especially for group shows (PDF).
• The name of the artist(s) and the venue in the email or folder name.
• In the body of all emails please include: artist(s)’s name, venue name, exhibition title, and opening and closing dates of the exhibition.
• The name and email address of someone to contact with any questions.

Our address is